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    The recently released Living Planet Index by the WWF shows that Australia is ranked 13th in the list of countries that require a big ecological footprint for their lifestyles. Cleaning Melbourne is committed to the cause of the environment and is conscious about using sustainable cleaning and safety equipment to lower the burden on the environment. The company uses safe, environmentally sustainable safety gear and ensures that products that have an Eco-hazard are not used. Products harmful to the environment could include paints that have volatile organic compounds or VOCs, or detergents that have strong chemicals. Cleaning Melbourne ensures that these products are done away with. Bleaches, dish washing liquids or fertilisers used in the garden should all be non-toxic.

    Environmental management is an important aspect of our staff training, and we ensure that every member adheres to policies such as reduce, reuse, recycle, and sustainability. Our team members are encouraged not to waste resources where they can do with less, as that lowers the ecological footprint. Whether the team is working in an environment such as an educational institution or an industry, Eco-friendly measures are employed to ensure the health and safety of everyone concerned.

    In a world that demands green, biodegradable products, a cleaning service needs to pay closer attention to its objectives and motto. Cleaning Melbourne is one such service where the customer/client’s safety is not only paramount, but also the health of Mother Earth. We are committed to a present and a future that are green and sustainable.