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    Environmental Policy Statement

    Cleaning Melbourne pursues excellence in all aspects of the services we deliver. We have therefore implemented a high quality and environmentally sustainable cleaning program for the cleaning of our customers’ facilities. Our objective is to provide a professional cleaning service to the satisfaction of our customers, that is conducted in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

    At Cleaning Melbourne, we strive to actively work towards eliminating and reducing the negative effects of our operations to the environment. We do this by:

    – Implementing procedures and training our staff on cleaning methods that cause minimal risk of harm to people and the environment;
    – Procuring cleaning products and equipment that significantly reduce environmental impact and conserve resources;
    – Procuring environmentally sustainable consumables;
    – Training our staff on the effective use of tools and equipment to achieve a high level of hygiene and cleanliness;
    – Significantly reducing energy, water and fuel consumption through our responsible procurement, and through our service delivery procedures;
    – Implementing procedures and training our staff on the correct disposal, recycling and management of waste.